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[Voltage Romance Sims Library] August 2014 Character Ranking

[Serendipity Next Door] Izumi Takasaki & Shinobu Narita Main Story: His PoV now available for iOS!

[Enchanted in the Moonlight] Miyabi Epilogue CG

[Enchanted in the Moonlight] Miyabi Epilogue CG


Apparently, according to FB, Saeki has a mind of a newborn baby. Pure. Innocent.




really? XD

Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you could post the link for Saeki's facebook meme? I can't find it and I want to show it to my friend who's a fan of MFW especially Saeki.

Oh sure… Ehh, I’m going to reblog it again so just stalk around my wall if you want :)

I'll be your voice



Summary: Silence reigned between them like the usual. Communication was never a problem in their relationship. He could read her every tiny bit of expression and her small movements as if she was an open book.

Pairings: Takuto-MC

Rated: T+


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[First Love Diaries: A Kiss on the Beach] Special Giveaway Part 1

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• Our Two Bedroom Story
• Enchanted in the Moonlight
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