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[Be My Princess 2] Aslan Mafdir Main Story & Sequel now available for iOS!

[Voltage Romance Sims Library] New sets of upcoming update for Early September 2014 to Mid September 2014.

[Our Two Bedroom Story] Season Two Minato Okouchi: The Proposal Sequel now available for iOS!


True story.

When I was in 2nd grade, there was this 5th grade boy (who was also my brother’s best friend) who I had the biggest crush on.

One day when we were at the bus stop, he threw a snowball at me. I wanted to be cute and throw one back at him, but the bus showed up before I could throw it at him.

I made the most genius decision to hide it behind my hands and throw it at him when he walked onto the bus.

I chucked a snowball at him.

Unbeknownst to me, the snowball had an enormous chunk of ice in the middle of it.

He went to the nurse and I went to the Principal’s office for the first time in my life.

I was so pitiful that my Principal let me go without any punishments.

Long story short: I CAN’T FLIRT.

The tragic ending of first love. Now this is a Bad Ending :)

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I ship this two so hard 😍


Yakov Chernenkov Main Story CGs + random screenshots.

I… I dunno what to say. He’s too fucking hot. It’s just too much.


((As always my CGs are free to use -no need to credit me :D))

P.s.: why does his body change? It’s so well done in the robe sprite but not in the naked sprite! Dx

Seriously Voltage… please release Yakov for paid version English as well!!

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[Enchanted in the Moonlight] Koten’s First Summer Diary Entry # 4

Amen, Saori 😄

officialvoltageotome - tagging Voltage Inc to inform you guys…

Am I the only one experiencing this? I’ve already updated my MSB, but I couldn’t open my app because this dialogue box keeps on popping out asking me to update MSB.

[Dreamy Days in West Tokyo] Haruki Tanemura: Living with Him Sequel now available in iOS!

[Dreamy Days in West Tokyo] Haruki Tanemura: Living with Him Sequel now available in iOS!